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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day 1 of Ride, Christiansburg, VA

264 miles for a head start. Snuck out early and was able to escape the DC rush hour traffic. Can get a decent rum to Bristol in the morning and get off this damn interstate. Played leapfrog with trucks and tourists all the way.

Every time I've stopped, a conversation started, with people interested in the bike and where I'm heading. Surprised looks when I tell them New Orleans. Maybe I don't look capable?!?! LOL. At least I know I won't be starving for conversation or company. I love the South.

So here's tonight's campground. Nothing dramatic. Cracker Barrel across the lot and all the Virginia Tech girls I can eat. Woops. Can't believe I said that.......


On the road

Finally. At about 3PM, right after I post this, I'll put the helmet on and get the hell out of Dodge. I just couldn't wait until tomorrow....

Stay tuned..... Here's the bike all loaded up. A trained eye will notice the Twizzlers peeking out of the windshield bag. Never leave home without Twizzlers and Cool Blue Gatorade.