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Sunday, August 28, 2011

15,000 Visits to Southern Comfort

While Irene was steamrolling over Alexandria last night, Southern Comfort had its 15,000th visit! Pretty cool.

Visitors find SC mostly via Google, but also Bing, HD Forums, and manufacturers' web sites. Many are looking for pictures of events, but almost as many are interested in the articles on the Joker Machine products, Pitbull Lifts, and Kendon Trailers. I wrote these articles hoping I could make life a little simpler for other bikers having similar interests, and maybe I have.

Lots of peeps also get to SC via the links on Facebook, so thanks for that interest too. As long there's interest, I'll keep writing this blog.

If you're curious, there's also financial incentive to keep the Southern Comfort blog going. I've been at it well over a year now, and have earned a grand total of $7.96, before taxes. That's not quite enough for retirement, but if I can keep at it another couple hundred years, I'll be set.

And that's all for now. I'm headed back to work tomorrow after a nice vacation, and the thought of getting back behind a desk is positively depressing.