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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Odds & Ends

Spent the day gathering up odds & ends that I hope I won't need. Got a small socket set and some Allen wrenches. And other small hand tools. Went to Harley Davidson and got spare fuses and light bulbs. And to REI for a first aid kit.

All that stuff goes in a bottom corner of the saddlebags, and with luck, will never see daylight. Or moonlight. Speaking of which, I probably should take a flashlight.

Now I'm painting these chrome deflectors black so Bev will stop making fun of me. I need to get them, along with the windshield and bags, put back on. Need to get used to the road-warrior look. Here's the last view of them before the paint started spraying, and yes, I moved the car out before I started.

After painting, and re-installed:

Had some interest today from a lady who might want to ride along. She's got her own Harley. We'll see.

All for today.

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