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Thursday, May 3, 2012

OBX, Get Outa Jail Free

Yet more OBX stuff, but it's all for a worthy cause, 'specially if you, like me, get caught zooming through Kill Devil Hills on the beach road.

In spite of all my claims of blindness to bikers by OBX cops, I found out that they take a very dim view of wide open launches from a dead stop, even if it was to give a little boy something to tell his friends about.

Or put another way, I now know I can hit 52 (in a 35mph speed zone) just as I get into second gear on my Road King...Big Blue is quick. $212.00 worth of quick.

I'll give the cop credit for not being a jerk, and he was actually very cordial and friendly, but not chummy enough to let me slide. I even got a "Welcome to Bike Week" along with my ticket. Mind you, this all happened within 5 minutes of leaving the hotel, first thing in the morning, on the first day of OBX Bike Week. Hell, I might have received the very first ticket! That oughta be worth something, right?

But I came home a little worried about points on my Virginia license, and yes they transfer up. Just days later, I got a nice note from Bernard "BJ" McAvoy who has a law firm in Kill Devil Hills. Apparently, traffic tickets get you on the public record, and BJ picked up that I had a ticket.

First inclination was to toss the note, figuring a ticket is a ticket, and it's best to just pay it. I was caught dead wrong, and I couldn't even get creative enough to make up a story for the judge. And I'm here to tell ya: With all the practice I've had in 44 years of riding, and maybe getting one or two tickets, not being able to come up with an excuse...even a lame one... was a "first" for me. So I let the note lay there on the table for a few days, just for the hell of it.

And a few days later, I called and got through to BJ who hooked me up. After listening to my whining, he said he could help me out, getting it knocked down to a non-moving violation with no points!

Really, I said!?

Yes, really.


And the price was right. For just a couple hundred bucks, I was going to keep my driving record clean. Easily worth the small investment, at least as far as I'm concerned.

Another bonus was calling back and getting to chat with Sheryl on the phone. She's not only sympathetic to the cause, but I happened to find out she's got her own helmet! Just sayin........

So if you find yourself in a jackpot down in OBX, Bike Week or not, I highly recommend a call to BJ and tell him Cowboy sent ya! I promised him I'd put in a plug for him on the blog, so here 'tis, and well earned.

Bernard "BJ" McAvoy
2600 North Croatan Hwy
Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948
Phone: 252-715-0267 Fax: 252-715-0269

Ride Safe!