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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Time of the Season

I guess credit for this stolen photo goes to Roland Sands Design.....If not, lemme know.

Damn...As I'm writing this, it's the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, it's just after 5, and it's fucking dark. Not just dusky, but dark. Already. And raining too. And though it hasn't been a bad day, I still ain't having one like the guy in the picture....I like that damn picture.

But this ain't about pictures or art, or even early darkness. I'm not even real sure what this post will be about, but I need to keep Southern Comfort recharged during the off-months when there isn't much going on. It's the time of the season when people are getting those last rides in before the bikes are put away.

And also the time when we get together and tell war stories about all the events we attended in 2011! Hell, we may even lie a little, but with our crew, lying's hard since we travel together. Someone is always sober enough to remember everything, and there's always a camera ready to snap a picture at the worst possible moment. And yeah, just about every time you fart, someone updates their Facebook status accordingly. Nothing happens that doesn't show up on Facebook sooner or later.

For me, family obligations took priority over most of my Summer and Fall plans this year, and while I have no regrets whatsoever, I'm damn sure gonna make up for it in 2012. I already have reservations for Daytona Bike Week and Sturgis, SD. I already wrote the checks. Non refundable. I'm going.

In the news......

First of all, at about 10PM last night, Southern Comfort was viewed for the 20,000th time. Twenty-fucking-thousand times someone tracked this blog down for one reason or another. Income from the Blog has reached the staggering grand total of $10.69, which just might buy me lunch someday. US readers top the list, followed at a distance by the Canada, Germany, the UK, and even Russia's on the list at #6. Ride safe over there...Must be f'n cold!

Lately, the DK Customs review was the hot item, closely followed by the Joker Machine upgrade posts, which also include words about DK Customs hardware. And the Kendon Trailer and Pitbull Lift articles also made a comeback.

In other news....

I sniffed around, again, the other day at a full-dress bike Patriot HD had....a Limited. I got as close to a deal as I ever had in the past, but still couldn't bring myself to sign the papers. Still not sure how much I'd ride it, but that sure looks like the way to go to Sturgis from Virginia...instead of the Softail Custom.

I did, very briefly, entertain the thought of letting the Softail Custom go, but a ride on it later that day convinced me I'll keep that FXSTC forever. Stay tuned as I wrestle with this decision to get bike #3.

I hit a good day two weekends ago and took off for Kent Island on Maryland's Eastern Shore. What a great place, and a fantastic day-ride destination. Crab cakes at Harris' Crab House is an absolute must, and after that there's Red Eye's Dock Bar right next door, a very popular biker/powerboat bar. Coincidentally, they serve cold beverages...What a surprise! We might even end up there this Saturday, and if so, pix to follow. Might even get some of those infamous Potty Pix by Denise! (I'll bet THAT got your attention!)

Kent Narrows, near Grasonville, MD

Maryland Crab Cake
And no. No matter where else you had one, it wasn't this good.

I also snuck off to Dallas to watch the Cowboys kick Buffalo's ass.....great time, with gratitude to "The Girls of Azle" for their hospitality! Hey, no bikes involved, but a good time anyway. Wait! I did hit Texas Harley Davidson to do a t-shirt run, so it wasn't a total loss!!!

Go Dallas

Past all that, I'm just chillin.....Taking it easy, buying bike parts and tools on eBay to set up my shop, when and if I ever get around to it. I'll try to update the blog now and then this fall and winter, just to keep the dust off the keyboard and the cobwebs out of the brain cells....... It's that time of the season.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Ride Safe