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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Delmarva: Let the Games Begin!

Mini-vans and countless cops be damned, I'm going anyway. Delmarva Bike Week or Bust!

Of course, I've been on-again, off-again for a month or so about going back for this event, but anything worth doing once that you didn't like is worth doing twice, just to make sure, right?

It's gone downhill already, actually. I lucked into a hotel in town that didn't have a 3-day minimum and for a good price. Awesome, and that was actually what made my mind up. Then, about an hour after confirming reservations, I read the hotel reviews, finding out it's either the world's most worn-out hotel, or it's got the worst staff this side of the Ozarks. Or both. And of course, two reviews rated it 5-Star, so those folks were either drunk or they own the place.

Other interesting tid-bits:

It's totally cool that my daughter will be there, and she's staying with her Mom. Wait! Could that mean my Ex will be there? Yes, that's exactly what it means........

Stay tuned....this can only get better....or at least more interesting.


PS If you were expecting skin in this post, I've got you spoiled.......But I'll have the trusty camera in my back pocket, ready for those flashes!