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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Orleans.....Or not.

Thoughts for the day.....

Been working on my checklist of stuff to take....I got the Harley Owners Manual out last night so I don't forget it. Have 99% decided to mount my Hummer GPS on the bike, so I need a mount and cover to keep the rain off.

Have also decided to paint those awful chrome lower wind deflectors black so I don't look like some reject from a Ben Hur movie going down the highway. They work, but they sure don't look good. I also don't want Dave Shapiro or Bev Gottleib making fun of me.

....on another note:

This adventure is supposed to be fun, with a little extra time spent in New Orleans to relax, get over the stiffness of a long ride, eat some good food and listen to a little music on Bourbon Street.

But I'm increasingly distracted (who isn't) by this dreadful environmental disaster going in the Gulf. I'm just not sure if this endpoint of the journey is the right one. I was about to make some plans for a New Orleans hotel last night and something was holding me back. I think I'll open up a map again tonight and consider other options.

Vacation aside, I'm personally upset over this awful mess in the gulf....It's just wrong and I can't believe BP, or someone else, can't devise a solution to stop this oil from pumping into the water and killing off the fish, birds and wildlife. And effecting those who's lives depend on the Gulf.

Sorry to get off on some political rant....this is just bothering me, and moreso each day.