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Monday, August 15, 2011

Far end of the Loop....

Leaving Memphis

I'm now checked into my room in Lake Worth, Texas, and all done for the night. No late night bar runs on the Joker for me. A little Monday Night Football, I'll read a bit, and hit the rack.

I just checked mileage, and had I not taken the long, lazy route to Lake Worth, the distance would have only been 1,419 miles. But my route was anything but straight, putting an extra 105 miles on the Hummer and 305 miles on the Joker! 230 of those Joker miles were from the Tail of the Dragon/Hell Bender run, but that's still 75 miles worth of bar-hopping and sightseeing in Memphis! There's no dust collecting on me or the vehicles, and that's why I'm staying in. I'm worn out from having fun!

Fort Worth, or maybe Austin, is about as far away from home as I'm gonna get, so it is actually the far end of the trip "loop". From Texas, I'll begin making my way back and I still don't have the remotest idea what route I'm taking. It won't be the same, and I might run south to see what's between here and Alabama.

Feels good to be here in Lake Worth. My Aunt lives in Azle, just west of here on Jacksboro Highway, and Fort Worth is just east. Like a mile or two. I don't need a map here; it's like home. I learned to swim at Possum Kingdom, learned to water ski here on Lake Worth, and the family says I fell in love the first time (at 16) with Betty Joe next to the lake. Not sure where that rumour started, but it's hanging on after all these years. And just for the record, down here, second cousins are legal! 

And my late best-friend Spider (Paul Griffith) and I had a ball running the roads around here. Lots and lots of good memories here. My Mom is buried just up the road, and there's more extended family sprinkled around here and there on both sides of the grass. 

I've spent every summer here from birth well into my teens, and Texas is in my blood. I'm proud of my Texan heritage.

So that's today's update. Fortunately, on the way in I found a place that served wholesome food that will get me through the week ahead. I may go back for more.