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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

SC's First, & Maybe Only, Fashion Article.....

True Story Department:

Cowboy, to Korean guy at the cleaners: Please patch up the holes in these 3 pairs of jeans. Yes, they're same jeans you fixed last time.

Korean Guy: Jeans are very old, Ken [Cowboy].

Cowboy: Yes, but I like 'em.

Korean Guy: Ken, you have Hummer, Harley and Porsche. You can afford new pants! They'd be better and maybe cheaper than fix!

Cowboy: Fix em, OK? I'll throw them away after this fix.

Korean Guy, shaking his head and walking away: Your money, Ken. Have a good day....

And that's it....My guy is still shaking his head, wondering why anyone would save some ragged-ass jeans, and waste the money to have them repaired over and over. I, on the other hand, won't even ride in new jeans! If I ever get a bagger, maybe that'll change........