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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

East Coast Sturgis, Event of the Year

Rain on the way up.....

Well folks, as they say, you just had to be there to appreciate it. It's absolutely amazing just how fucking crazy a bunch of bikers can actually get when left alone, unsupervised, for 4 or 5 days.

Now, I'm sure everyone has been to a wild party or two (you have, right?) and maybe even flashed a little. (Oooo la la) Or how about attending a little sexy fantasy party? Well, kids, that was Sunday School! East Coast Sturgis is a party to end all parties, and it's not for the easily-offended or weak-hearted. I've always thought I've been around and seen a little more than the average Joe Citizen, but this place had me mesmerized, and this was my second ECS! Do you ever get used to this?

Here's the crew......What a great bunch of Bros and Babes!

Everything after this is bad.....The map for the Poker Run.


You start with about 5,000 people, and put 'em all on bitchin' Harleys. Then everyone checks their restraint, morals, and strict religious upbringing at the gate. Now add unlimited booze, and maybe some controlled substances, to that mix. Rev up the crowd with kick-ass bands and crazy contests, including a motorcycle demolition derby! What you end up with challenges your senses, and you just can't believe some of the stuff you see people wear, or don't wear, and the things they do.

You get some idea of the event's tone when you read the flyers: No colors, no dogs, no kids, and no attitudes! For the entire weekend, I never saw a single confrontation of any kind, and nothing was stolen, even though bikes were unlocked, helmets hanging on the bars, and saddlebags loaded with stuff. Bikers may be a little nuts, but we get along for the most part, and we respect each others stuff. Society could take a lesson from that! Cops (they had an outpost outside the event) stayed outside the gates, letting the promoters and the bikers handle themselves!

 I took loads of pictures of the madness, but you always knew when something was REALLY going to be off-the-hook when someone said, "Watch, but don't take any pictures!" By the end of ECS, nudity was no longer noteworthy except in certain very good and very bad cases. And yes, not everyone that was running around half-naked should have been! Guys and girls, some of you should cover that stuff UP!

Most of our crew left the event every night, heading back to the comfort of Town Hill Bed and Breakfast, but not even that setting was uneventful. We had a load of laughs watching a husband and wife go at it, each daring each other to a stripping match. One-for-one, items of clothing were removed! It was brilliant! And no, they didn't go all the way, but they were down to the "bare" minimum before it was over.

We also ate some incredible food, went on great motorcycle rides (without getting lost) and made a bunch of great new friends. And the bikes up there were just awesome. Something mechanical to appeal to everyone, and even a Panster! (Sportster bottom end / Panhead top end) Coolest bike ever! What a terrific time we had.

The ride home was less than perfect, and practically all of us rode the 100+ miles home in pouring rain. I even had to buy a coat up there to fend off the elements! But I'll say this: The memories of the previous 4 days kept me warm and smiling every mile of the way. If you ever get a chance to attend East Coast Sturgis, don't miss the opportunity. You may never seen anything like it. And yeah, go with a group of terrific friends, and if you're real lucky, you'll have friends like mine. They're family, they're the best, and I love 'em.



  1. A very good description of East Coast Sturgis.

    This was my first year there. I rode over from Ohio to meet some friends from Maryland at the event. I had a great time and I'll try to get back to it next year.

  2. Thanks much, Mark! I hope you had better weather heading to Ohio than we had going east/southeast!

    Looking forward to next year, and maybe we'll see each other there!


  3. I appreciate the worldwide interest in the blog and this particular post. ECS is, indeed, one hell of a party, and while it might not be a big as the Sturgis, South Dakota, event, it sure doesn't lack anything in the way of insanity. Since most folks hit the blog looking for pictures, don't overlook the link on the right side to the album.

    Thanks again

  4. i was there and loved every sec of it, it was my 1st time and i cant wait till next tear to come and do it again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. It definitely was great, and I'll also be there next year, LovelyLady. Shoot me an email when the time comes and we can say hello!

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