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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Gettysburg Bike Week - Coming Up!

As this is written two things are happening.....

1) I'm sitting around watching the NASCAR Truck race from Kentucky, which I could miss without losing a bit of sleep over it. But I digress.

2) fact, MOST....of my Bros are in Gettysburg, PA, right now at G'Burg Bike Week. And right about now they're listening to Charlie Daniels play the fiddle.....(The Devil Went Down to Georgia, right? Cool song.) I should add that these great friends of mine are reminding me, via Facebook and phone, that they're having a fucking blast and I'm missing out. Terrific.

But a guy's gotta work, right?

So stay tuned. I'm jumping on the Joker Saturday morning and heading north from Alexandria, VA, to Gettysburg. I'll have to cram 4 days of partying into 2 days, and trust me, I'm going to give it my best shot. Stay tuned for a SC update, and hopefully some decent pix of biker people having fun!


PS If the waiting gets to be too much, I might roll out tomorrow night, finding someplace to stay, but that might not work out. Most of the hotels are full in the surrounding area, and those that have rooms are price-gouging something awful. Might as well tough it out and sleep in my own bed. It's 95 miles or so. Maybe only an hour and a half....maybe 2...ride. On that f'n Joker. Ouch.