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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Milestone, 25,000 Hits on Southern Comfort

Just wanted to acknowledge that while I was in Daytona last weekend, Southern Comfort logged its 25,000th visit!! To me, that's number is absolutely remarkable. Most of SC's audience is in the US, but the readership is truly worldwide.

The East Coast Sturgis posts retain top billing, but as you can see from the right rail of the blog, the Joker upgrade posts are clearly a high-interest item, with hundreds and hundreds of hits coming from HD Forums about the parts I've written about. Lots of people are using the how-to on speedo relocation, along with the other mods to the Joker. 

Many more read the articles about bike lifts...What works and what doesn't. I've sold at least 2 Pitbull lifts, and I'm not a dealer! I don't sell ANYTHING! An equal number of folks read about my experiences buying a Kendon trailer, and even more are interesting how I load one.

Lots more hits originate from DK Customs, with riders checking out the foot peg installation and review. Or maybe they're just trying to get Dawn's phone number, but I ain't givin' it up.

And on and on.... thanks everyone! I get some flattering notes, suggestions, and "Howdies!" too, which are the best part.

Coming soon to SC: a little something about a long weekend in Daytona. After that, I'll do a review about a new piece of bike luggage, a Saddlemen's Sissy Bar Bag. And somewhere in between, I might whine a little about making a decision between Daytona Bike Week 2012 and Sturgis Bike Rally, 2012. That ain't an easy decision.