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Monday, June 21, 2010

Closer....but the rubber hasn't met the road.

Well friends, there just isn't a lot of new stuff to report. 10 days and counting.

I'm mostly doing the little things now, preparing for a extended absence....and for me, 16-17 days out of town IS a long time.

After considering about eleventy-six solutions, I settled on running the GPS power wire over, under, and around stuff to tie into the battery via the Harley battery tender connector, preserving the stock wiring and probably preventing a mid-trip wiring disaster.

And thanks to a lot of concerned folks, starting with my knowledgeable neighbor, John, and ending with my son, Kenny, I'm giving into pressure and having my front tire replaced before I start out. Kenny and my bro John Carlsson ganged up on me yesterday and beat me into submission, although one beer-fueled vote in my favor came in. Some guy came by, Bud in hand, heard our discussion, and announced that "I run 'em 'til the cords show!", and moved on. Of course, it's safe to say his travels were bar-to-bar runs, and not 1100 miles to New Orleans. I'll add a honorable mention to the Jagermeister girls who didn't vote at all, but helped change the damn subject!!!! I give in, I'll do it!!!

Father & Son!

So I've also given my son a means to track my progress, or lack of, via my cell phone and getting other little details taken care of. Now I just need to find a dealer who has a tire in stock and get it mounted.

Stay tuned