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Saturday, September 25, 2010

2011 Adventure, etc.

The picture's about right to serve as this blog post theme....destination not totally clear... etc. I guess that sets the stage:

Had a busy damn week at work, but busy in a fun sort of way. I enjoy the big-business stuff, and I like strategic planning...feels like a game sometimes, albeit with a lot on the line. And I also joined the Tea Party Movement and the Washington Sports Club gym. And I had some family business in Texas to work on. So how's that for a full week?

I joined the Tea Party mostly because I think Sarah Palin would look just great on the back of my Harley, and I've also written in asking her to wear shorter skirts. And yeah, I like the political stance of that organization too.

The gym thing was a long-time coming, mostly because I ain't liking some of the pictures I've seen of myself lately. And that lady at Delmarva last weekend (who told me that I needed a larger size vest that was more "forgiving") pushed me over the edge. So we'll see how this gym membership works out. There will either be a trimmed down me for 2011, or just a bunch of wasted money on the gym dues.

And I'm struggling to figure out what to do with a little house in Texas that's in dire need of repair, but that's an entirely different story, best left for another forum.

But the big thing on my mind.......

Southern Comfort was far more fun that I could have imagined, and two month's later, I still haven't settled completely back into work-sleep-work-sleep mode of the corporate world. Sure, I mixed some fun with work before, but the Southern Comfort ride gave me a taste of personal freedom I'd never experienced before. So! What to do next year?!

At the risk of much-hated "plan making", I'm considering my options....What can I do...where can I just a couple weeks?!?!

John and I talked about a ride out West, but I just don't see how that works in a 2-week schedule, and running longer isn't an option for me. That's a shame since a western ride would be awesome, but I've got a max window of about 16 days, and I don't want to be riding every day. I like the idea of spending some time at a stop or two along the way. That worked well last time, so I'll do something like it again.

I've looked at one trip that takes me to Daytona for a few days, and onto Key West for a few more. After that, maybe up the Gulf Coast of Florida. The sucky part about that trip is the almost unavoidable I-95 at the beginning and end of the ride. I-95 is the worst motorcycle road in the US. 

Come to think of it, I-10 is no prize either. My ride in July, between DeFuniak Springs, FL, and Jacksonville, partially in the rain, was easily the longest, most boring leg of the entire 3,140 mile trip. At least 95 is scary, since it has the nifty added element of 18-wheelers and tourists in large quantities. Let's hear it for Minivans in the Fast Lane!

The second route I've considered takes me up through New York state, over to Toronto, and around to Montreal and Quebec, finally getting to Nova Scotia. I'd come back through Maine and other parts of New England. Seems like a cooler ride from a temperature perspective, but then I hear stories about the dreaded black flies up in the Canadian woods! I hear those little bastards will eat you alive, and I damn sure ain't battling critters for a week. Need to think some more about that route, though I am aware of a few pleasant distractions in Rochester, New York.

Whatever I do, there will not be a rigid route planned and no fucking itinerary. It's supposed to be fun, right?

As I've mentioned before, the best part about the Southern Comfort trip was not having a plan, and there was no one along to bitch about my frequent decisions to take different routes, just to see what was down those less-traveled side roads. I was also fortunate enough to share part of the trip with friends Linda and Charlie who also didn't want to be joined at the hip. We were able to be together in New Orleans without any set plan; we explored N'awlins independently, hooking up here and there as circumstances presented themselves. That was nice.

So I'm up for suggestions for a ride in July 2011. Also up for company for all or part of it, but only as long as my style of travel works for you. If it doesn't, I'll send you a postcard.