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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ah Shucks!....Missing Photos In My Posts

Damn, damn, damn.......I just looked at some older posts, and was alarmed to see that the pictures were missing. I don't know what the fuck happened, but they're gone.

The part that sucks is that the Joker posts.....easily the most popular how-to posts......were effected. I'm going to edit those and reload the pictures.

Technology seems to conspire to make life complicated, even though it's supposed to be the other way around....

Sorry about that...

UPDATE: 3/29 - As it turns out, while trying to set up folders in Picasa for use as I blog, I deleted a folder that I hadn't set up. It was full of my pictures, and the size of it was preventing me from uploading more pictures for use as I updated by blog. 

I was puzzled at to how it even got there, but as it turns out Blogger was maintaining that folder, using it for a repository for blog images. And when I deleted it, I broke the link to almost every photo in the blog. In a word, FUCK! All that work down the drain, and without a warning.

I now have to rebuild (or delete) each blog post from the beginning. I'm doing these a couple at a time each evening, and it's a real pain to try and remember what pictures were originally included. I don't even have them all.

I guess I should have realized something, but without any kind of warning, label, or protection by Blogger, how would anyone know? And no, if you simply reload images to a folder, that won't do the job.You need to re-add the images one at a time to fix the problem. 

Groan..... Stay turned as I rebuild.