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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Reality of a long road trip vs. Blogging

OK, so the next big decision is whether maintaining a blog while on the road makes any sense. Lugging a laptop for the trip seems a little close to the "ball and chain" connectivity I have every second of every day and night. Am sorta thinking that NOT having easy Internet access, aside from the iPhone, might have the net effect of getting me out to see what (and who) there is to see.

But the blogging would be fun, I least now and then. I'd just have to discipline myself to NOT log onto work email all the time.

Speaking of which, I've decided that the first day is going to be spent on the Interstate, getting as many miles between me and DC as possible. This means the adventure of side roads and small towns won't begin until a day or so after I leave, when there's (hopefully) some distance between traffic lights.

Weather note:
I fucking drowned yesterday riding the Harley back from Annapolis, and of course the windshield and deflectors were safe and sound stashed under my bed. I hit three separate rain squalls between Annapolis and Alexandria, and all I had on was a t-shirt. And a little helmet and goggles. And yeah, jeans and boots too. Though I almost can't stand to see them on the bike, I also couldn't help but wonder how much difference the windshield and deflectors would have made yesterday.

Signing off


P.S. One less stop to make on the trip. Got the other tattoo freshened up last night, so the thought of hitting an cool little alleyway tattoo parlor down in New Orleans can be scratched off the list of things to do. Maybe.