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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Santa does Daytona........

Ho, Ho, Ho my ass......You can have the White Christmas...I'll take a sandy beach, a little sunshine, and a couple biker bars for the Holidays, thanks. And in keeping with my habit of trying to spend each New Years Eve in someplace new, this year it's the Party In the Streets, Daytona Beach, Florida! And to make it even better, I'd load up the Harley on the new trailer and get a little riding in.....No helmet law!

Or that's the plan....

So off I went, getting on the road about 8:30 Christmas morning, heading down I-95....Snow flurries for the first 40-50 miles told me I was making the right decision and I was hoping I'd beat any heavy snowfall. Run, Cowboy, Run!

And I did run....Didn't stop for much, but as easy as the trailer pulls, the Hummer gets only half the mileage pulling the bike, so I wasn't able to pass many gas stations. Damn! I'll bet it's not getting more than 10MPG, and I'll have to check it on the way home.

There was just light traffic much of the morning, and the first major stop was Pedro's South of the Border.....Gas (again) and some munchies.

I took off again for Savannah, Georgia, where I planned to stop for the night. See, I stay in Choice Hotels all the time, so I had a free night or two waiting. Randomly, I found one of their hotels online, near a Savannah exit, and made the reservations. Much to my surprise, and almost like a Christmas present, right across the highway from the hotel were a Hooters and Harley dealer. Now, that was pretty darned remarkable, and I couldn't have planned that if I'd tried. LOL

I was able to get good home cooking, served by Brandi (are they all named Brandi?), and if I needed a new Savannah HD t-shirt (or parts), the shop was right there. By the time I got to the hotel, rain had started, so I got off 95 just in time. I covered up the bike and spent the night in Savannah.

Next morning, I gassed up yet again, heading south in a very light rain, hoping to hit Daytona about 2. The rain finally let up around 11, but the damn temperature never got above 40-41. Most of the time, it hovered around 38 which was NOT what I had planned on. I figured I'd be in a t-shirt by Jacksonville, and that wasn't happening.

Around 1, I hit Daytona, ahead of schedule, and magically found another Hooters for lunch, then checking into a little old beachside hotel, which is frozen in time, right out of the 50's. I was going to find something a little better, but the room was actually very cool, and my bike and trailer are well hidden around back. A good choice after all.

So I'm here, right....Now for the fun. I quickly found Main Street and soon after, the Boot Hill Saloon. Boot Hill just might be the template for a perfect biker-bar. Gritty, names carved in the bar, poorly lit, bras hanging up everywhere, and biker memorabilia from practically everywhere nailed wherever space was available. Great airbrushed art on any bare wall space too!

Better yet, I knew I was finally back in a biker bar when a big-titted blonde got thrown out for mouthing off to the barmaid, and just 15 minutes after I settled onto a bar stool. My kinda place, and reminded me of East Baltimore. (I did wonder if there wasn't something we could have done to smooth this over. Seems fundamentally wrong to throw a big-titted blonde out of a bar.)  

Boot Hill was a great place, and I hung out with some cool folks. I can't wait to fire up the Harley and go back. There were a few bikes in the lot this afternoon, but most folks drove. It's fucking cold! Like in the 20's tonight!

Here's some art from the Boot Hill Saloon, and a few were from the Men's Room wall. By the way, I gotta tell you, it ain't easy going into a biker bar men's room with a fucking camera, so I hope you appreciate these...I earned the damn things.

I made one last run down Beach Avenue on the way back, and found all the bike shops. Can't wait to get down there when they're open!

OK, folks, stay tuned. I'm cranking up the heat, putting on some long underwear and watching some football tonight.... Take care!