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Thursday, March 3, 2011

So it's your birthday, Fred?

So good friend and Bro, Fred, had a birthday on March 1st! Southern Comfort hasn't actually covered a birthday, but hell, if you're gonna celebrate Anti-Valentine's Day, then you just gotta have a little something for Fred.

So the girl with the most famous ass on Facebook threw a gala event at the prestigious Urban BBQ in the tucked-away little town of Olney, Maryland. I probably don't need to mention who this ass belongs to for our Facebook friends, but for the rest of you, it belongs to Kirsten. I'll leave it to your imagination to figure out why it's so famous, or you can just ask Fred.

And to tell the story best, here's some photos of the crew. A FABULOUS group of ladies, many of them motorcycle owners and riders, plus a few of the boys, all helping Fred get past the reality that he's a year older.

Happy Birthday, Fred! We love ya, Bro!


Jack, Denise, and Kirsten

Lisa and Fred!

Tina and Fred

Cowboy and Becky (Is this little Darlin a Hottie or what?! Stay tuned....)

Deborah! (not feeling well, but looking fine)

Cowboy reminding Fred who really loves him

Denise (yet another Hottie) and Cowboy

Ass contest...Well, actually just a group photo. 
(Denise's hand is a little low Lisa. Just sayin...)

Fred, getting ready for the Big Blow


Potty Shot 
(Cowboy's hand might have been a little low here, but the girls are still smiling...Or maybe that's WHY they're smiling...)

One of the favorite shots from the evening...a Potty Shot.