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Friday, June 10, 2011

10,000 ! Wow.......

Today, at about noon, Southern Comfort was viewed for the 10,000th time, which is pretty freaking amazing. The product opinions and how-to articles seem to have suddenly got the blog "noticed", and lots of folks are checking out articles on the work I've been doing on the Joker bike. Many others are interested in the posts about the Kendon Standup Trailer and Pitbull Lift. And yeah, biker rally atricles are popular too, but I suspect it's the pictures, instead of my writing, that are the main attraction! Sex sells!

As I always say, it comes as a complete surprise that anyone would even find the blog on the internet, much less read the damn thing, but I'm truly flattered. I've always enjoyed writing, and I guess I finally found something to write about that folks find interesting.

So that's it. Just memorializing a little milestone for Southern Comfort, and wondering where it will be in another year. With the next Southern Comfort ride scheduled for July 1, just a few weeks away,new material is on the way, not to mention some fun for me.