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Thursday, July 22, 2010


So maybe there's a little life left in the Southern Comfort blog, and just to be sure, I'm adding a thing or two. There's two....and maybe three.....more biker rallies this year, and I figured I'd add a post or two about them.

First there's MountainFest in Morgantown, West Virginia, and I'm rolling out for M'Town tomorrow morning, pretty early. It's a little over 200 miles, and given the distance traveled on the Southern Comfort ride, I should damn near be able to push the Harley for this little jaunt. I'm meeting my Southern Comfort friends, Linda and Charlie, in Morgantown, plus my great friends....hell, they're actually family....John and Bev. John and I go back to single-digit ages, we grew up together, and we've been riding together for over 40 years. He's my Bro! And Bev just keeps me straight, or tries to. Love that lady. Also have my fingers crossed that we get another visitor, but that's all I'm saying. I usually don't like surprises except at Christmas, but I'll make an exception.

The route tomorrow is part scenic and part Interstate. Running west out of Alexandria on US 50, into Winchester where I'll pick up 522 North. I'll follow 522 through Berkeley Springs, to I-68, taking that into Morgantown. Should be fun.

We're staying at the Waterfront Place Hotel, which is the best Morgantown has to offer...and it's going to be filled with bikers...This oughta be good!

I'll be up there until Sunday, the 25th, returning home. Stay tuned for updates and pix

The other two events coming up are East Coast Sturgis starting August 11th in Little Orleans, MD, and then Delmarva Bike Fest in Ocean City Maryland in September.

Guess that's it for now. Gotta finish packing....I am REAL fucking glad I ain't packing for a couple weeks and thousands of miles. This is a piece of cake. Just need to select the right t-shirts!


P.S. It was really cool to find out how many people were following the Southern Comfort Ride...I keep hearing about more and more people who were right there with me, reading all the blog posts and checking out the pix...Thanks!