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Monday, February 28, 2011

Saints & Sinners - INK!

The Southern Comfort ride was the catalyst for a "before" tattoo, where Sean Bajek artfully inked in a background that added an entirely new dimension to my vintage Caroll Nightingale Eagle tattoo c. 1970. And Sean also did the commemorative custom Southern Comfort tattoo when I got back...He's a great artist.

And ya know, I'd been hankering for another tat on my arm.....the lower arm, which was actually a tough decision....This one was gonna be out there on display, both at the office and elsewhere, so I had to find a idea that wouldn't cause the office folks to go into convulsions. Obviously FTW or Harley-FUCKING-Davidson wasn't going to go over well on Wall Street! (But it might have been fun to watch the reactions..LOL)

So I finally settled in on my Tribal/Oriental Dragon design.....Here's the results, and here's Sean. Catch up with him at Saints and Sinners in Fells Point, Baltimore, Maryland.

Finished product...One cool dragon, or at least I think so. But now there's a dilemma. I have an issue with balance and symmetry. So maybe, just maybe, a custom Harley Davidson tattoo on the other arm. And no, not Harley-FUCKING-Davidson......I don't think.