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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday night at MountainFest

It's Saturday, and I'm done for this day. Up early, rode around, visited Triple S Harley Davidson, which was a mini version of the rally. People, food, live bands, and cold beverages aplenty. And yeah, women and motorcycles.

After that I got my LEDs installed, and afterward, checked out more of the area before going back to the hotel. Went back over this evening to make sure we hadn't somehow missed something, and it seems like we covered the bases well. No stones were found left unturned!! Every vendor's goods pawed, all women stared at, and each motorcycle critiqued. We found lots of sub-standard women and bikes, but the real "keepers" offset the rest.

And I just gotta say that people from miles around came to this event, and all too often they were just car people, here to mostly get hammered. It worked. I think it takes a little something away when the crowd is mixed like that, but others seemed to enjoy it, so maybe I'll just chill out and let them have their own party. I'll take East Coast Sturgis. Maybe there's an interim solution. The little town girls can come next year, but boyfriends and husbands gotta stay home.

And so on. Kinda tired, and need to think about riding home tomorrow. Might read a bit and call it a day.

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MountainFest, Day 2

Saturday in Morgantown, West Virginia

I'm sitting here on a plush couch in a decidedly up-market hotel (the best M'Town has to offer), and trying to plan a day of fun. I'm not sure fun is necessarily plan-able, but there's so much to do, I feel the need for some kind of agenda.

Mountainfest is held in a park, predictably on the outskirts of town, but there are goings-on at Triple S Harley Davidson that reputedly rival those at the park. And Triple S is on the other side of town.
Oddly, Mountainfest is also popular with car-people, so traffic here is a bear. When mixed with the regular M'Town traffic, on a single lane road, it ain't good.

Bikes got so hot in traffic yesterday, they started cutting off, and anyone with a Softail Harley (like me) got treated to severely overheated crotches and inner thighs from the oil tank that sits just below your private parts. Before you laugh, you need to experience this for yourself. Not good. Bev got toasted so bad, she ride a block on the sidewalk just to get back to the hotel!!!! And me: roasted nuts!

Spent much of last night prowling the fairgrounds and vendors, and of course, taking in the scenery. There's a kaleidoscope of people here, mixed in with the oft-maligned West Virginia folks, and there's plenty to keep anyone's head turning. And I now really think there's some truth to the WV stories about interbreeding.

The have some great bands here, and though I missed the headlining Charlie Daniels Band, I caught Kashmir, a Led Zepplin tribute band, who were pretty darned good.

Time to get moving. The only "must" in my schedule is having my bike available for a 2PM appointment to have some LED lights installed. Now I REALLY need to keep the chrome polished. Actually there's another "must" on the schedule: Charlie said there's some kind of t-shirt contest that's not to be missed. Gotta find out where that is!!!