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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Back to Texas.....

I got an urgent message the other day that my Aunt Annie had taken a turn for the worse, and I had to high-tail it back to Texas last weekend. Not knowing all I'd be dealing with, and not wanting to drag a trailer behind me on another long ride, I left my motorcycles home, tucked away in the garage in Virginia.

Now that might have been a practical move, but I gotta tell ya: I'm going in circles down here dealing with all the stuff: there's the nursing home staff, attorneys, various other concerned parties, contractors, and one really pissed-off 99-year-old aunt. And yeah, I'm working remotely during the day, so I'm trying to run my department as well. If it weren't for the help of two terrific ladies who have taken care of my Aunt, I'd be up the creek. And yeah, one of the ladies is really a cutie, but I'd better leave that subject for another time, LOL, but I was definitely looking forward to seeing her again.

But before I complain too loudly about working while I'm here, let me quickly say that I've got a terrific boss who generously offered to let me work remotely while I take care of business. Not many bosses would do something like that, so Joe gets a couple Gold Stars from me and my Aunt Annie! Thanks Joe!!!!!

That said, the entire ordeal sorta sucks, and now I'll explain how that's motorcycle-related.........

See, at home, when the shit hits the fan, I can come home, jump on one of the bikes and just let those worries blow off in the wind. It's the best therapy I've even found, and it never lets me down. I take a long ride to nowhere and when I get back, I feel like a new person. The headaches are still there, but my perspective changes, and that's no exaggeration.

And down here, there ain't no outlet for the stress. I'm thinking I'll treat myself to a rental this weekend.....take a long nowhere. With a stop at Hooters, of course. And after that, a much needed siesta!