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Monday, September 17, 2012

40,000 Visits

Once again, I took a look at statistics for Southern Comfort, and I noticed that sometime over the weekend, as I was kicking back down at Ocean City Bike Week (or was it Delmarva Bike Week?), Southern Comfort had it's 40,000th visit. That's frickin' amazing to me.

I won't go into how this blog started as I have in the past when recognizing milestones, but suffice it to say that Southern Comfort wasn't destined for fame and fortune. I figured it would quickly fade into Internet obscurity, and much to my surprise it actually has a following.

Fortune awaits, I reckon. In almost 3 years, the blog has generated a whopping total revenue of $13.96, but Google won't pay up until I make at least $100 bucks, so I think it'll be a long, long time before I get a check to cash.

Still popular: the pages on East Coast Sturgis, all the Joker how-to articles, the Kendon trailer posts, Sturgis 2012, and the posts that talk about motorcycle lifts. Another real hit-maker is one post that has a picture of a girl in a ripped up pair of jean shorts! That post gets tons of hits from Europe and the Middle East! The bike articles are mostly read by peeps in the US and Canada, but there are hits worldwide on those too.

Referring sites are primarily Google, Facebook, HD Forums, and DK Customs. And that's about it for the statistics. there's a million more that are interesting, but probably only to me.

Thanks for reading and keeping me motivated. Southern Comfort lives on!