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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Olde Town Inn, New Orleans

Here's my single concession to "a plan". I figured having a comfortable place at the halfway point in New Orleans would be important, and I'll be there a few days.

Turns out getting a hotel with parking near the French Quarter isn't all that easy, and getting parking for the Harley was a bit harder. I searched and found the Old Town Inn which, besides being a cool old place, is motorcycle-friendly and has off street parking.

This one looks homey enough that I can kick back and relax without having someone pointing fingers at that "biker guy" over in the corner. It's about 6 blocks from the French Quarter, and I scored a 2 bedroom suite for less than 100 a night, with a fridge and TV.

So now I'm thinking about having some company down that way.... New friends and old......