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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Patience, or the lack of......

Things just ain't happenin' fast enough for me, at least not with biker events. It's still two whole weeks before I roll down to OBX for Bike Week there, and every day just seems to drag by. Damn, I hate to wish my life away, but I sure as hell would like to get at least one event under my belt for 2011.

Funny, but this year I find myself wondering if I'll ride down to OBX or take the bike on a trailer. Last year, there was never an issue about how to get there. I didn't have a damn trailer so I rode....EVERYWHERE! And man, did I rag on the trailer folks about it. If I trailer my bike to OBX, I'll probably have to sneak in after dark and hide the fucking thing somewhere, along with my Hummer.

Thanks to Bev, I got my reservations locked in for East Coast Sturgis..... Woops!....make that East Coast Motorcycle Rally * this year. (Apparently the innkeeper, Dave, couldn't stand Bev's nagging any longer and began signing folks up for 2011.)

So while everyone sleeps on the ground or in campers, me and a few more fortunate folks (or maybe it's us older folks?) will be up the hill at Town Hill B&B sleeping on feather mattresses and hanging out with the Porch People. Yeeeeehaaaaaa. Bev, bless her heart, will be reigning supreme again as Queen of the Porch.

Beyond that, the bike ain't collecting any dust, and I've been having a blast around the DC Metro area. A few of us did a ride down to Southern Maryland last weekend, finding a few cool new to some of us, anyway... and here's my pitch for Vera's White Sands Beach Club in Lusby, Maryland. Check it out sometime! Biker-friendly!!! 

And hey, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that I've been chasing Deb all over town, and so far she's managed to elude me. But I ain't giving up! The season's just beginning! Run Deb, Run!

* About the name change for East Coast Sturgis: After a number of years of legal wrangling, the Sturgis, SD, folks finally (so the story goes) forced a name change to "East Coast Motorcycle Rally". Seems that using "Sturgis" in the name was effectively copyright infringement since the Little Orleans rally competed directly with the Sturgis, DC event, both in timing and theme.

April 7, 2011