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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Ride, May 22, Destination TBD

Walked out the door this morning, knowing I was going for a ride, but not exactly sure where, or even which bike to ride. I pulled the Softail out of the garage, figuring I'd had too much fun on the Joker bike yesterday. Maybe a day on something a little more civilized was in order.....

After Jay tipped me that they called for showers in the afternoon, I stopped back by the condo, grabbing a rain jacket to stuff it into the travel bag. I left my leather jacket home, glad I could finally ride in a t-shirt. Mistake!

I had thoughts of heading for Annapolis, but Debby reminded me of another event, so my first stop became the Woodstock Inn in Howard County, Maryland, where a bike show was underway. That's about 60 miles north of Alexandria, VA. At Woodstock, I saw a fair number of nice bikes and some partying people, but cut the stay kinda short. When my eyes weren't on other things, I began noticing that the sunshine had been completely replaced with dark clouds. Time to go!

Woodstock Inn

He got ridden in too....

Lots and lots of miles on this pair of Lucchese boots. This ride finally wore 'em through.

Train (no kidding, right?) at Woodstock Crossing

Rolling south again, I stopped in Ellicott City, MD, putting on a long-sleeved t-shirt that I keep stashed in my bag. I was kicking myself for leaving the jacket home. It had dropped at least 10 degrees, and rain wasn't far away. But you gotta keep going, right? Running the 60 miles back, down US 29, I hit some pockets of rain, with the worst of it just a few miles from home.

And of course, right after getting home, the rain stopped and the sun came out.

Back out after a change of clothes. Too nice a day to stay indoors....Riding season!

I decided to stick close to home, and was pleasantly reminded that, as much as I bitch about it, there's quite a lot to see in my own neighborhood: Mount Vernon (George Washington's home), Old Town Alexandria, and the scenic George Washington Parkway connecting the two. Here's a few shots along the way....Just a pleasant afternoon of riding, with no plans, and no time to be anywhere. My kinda day.

Mount Vernon

GW Parkway

GW Parkway

GW Parkway

GW Parkway

GW Parkway

Fort Washington, GW Parkway

Old Town, Alexandria