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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Ho, Ho, Ho!

Merry Christmas, everyone. I hope everyone gets their Christmas wishes, and that Santa Claus treats you as well as he's (so far!) treating me. I've got my health, my family, and the best friends a man can ask for. And a couple Harleys. :-) That said, if one more shows up under the tree, I won't send it back.

Funny, a few years back, while doing some last-minute Xmas Eve shopping, I stopped in a Hummer dealer just to see what those new H3s looked like. In the showroom was a new bright red H3 with a huge red bow on it. Two hours later, they opened up those showroom doors and I drove it away! So this morning, I stopped in Patriot Harley Davidson, and right inside the doors was a kick-ass Harley Limited. Ruby was just about to put a big bow on it. Yikes! I begged her to wait until I got out of there before putting it on. Not sure I could resist!!!!

It was good to see all my great friends at Patriot HD this morning. Bobby, Mark, Ruby, Jeff1, Jeff2, Keith, Tim, Alison, Marika, Kris, Danny, Vicki, George, Leah, and so on. If I missed you, I'm sorry, but Merry Christmas to everyone! Patriot HD is a terrific HD dealer....stop in and tell 'em Cowboy sent ya.

And now.....

I'm outa here. Stopping to share an early Christmas with my kids and grandkids, and then hitting the road. Maybe Harrisonburg tonight, Nashville tomorrow, and maybe a stop to see Dawn and Kevin at DK Customs near Memphis. After that, I'll make it to Fort Worth, Texas, to see the Girls of Azle and do a little work on the house. DAMN little. It's vacation, right?

Stay tuned....Might have a little fun on the way, and I'll keep the blog updated if I do. Hell, I might just lie about it and make up some stuff....

Happy Holidays!