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Monday, November 28, 2011

Newbie Rules...Looking for more!

As the saying goes, $15,000 and 15 miles doesn't make you a biker. True dat. We all know the rules of conduct around bikers are far different that those in downtown Washington, DC, or at least Northwest DC, so I thought it would be fun to build a list of things to do, or even more important, things not to do at a first run or Biker event.

(Reposted.....The original was buried in an event post)

For starters:

Rule One: The Girls from Azle decided that you shouldn't say you "drove" your bike to Sturgis. One such utterance and you'll probably be chased out of town and your motorcycle confiscated. School buses and cars are driven, but motorcycles are ridden. So remember, you RODE your motorcycle to Sturgis. Get that right.

...and from the original post:

Rule Two: NEVER sit on someone else's motorcycle without the owners' permission. And don't scratch it or smudge it. In short, don't do anything to someone's bike or you might regret it.

Rule Three: If you see a hot girl appearing to be alone, the odds are 99-to-1 that she's actually not alone, didn't come alone, and the biggest, meanest motherfucker you ever saw is just out of eyesight. Masturbation is a far better option than an evening spent in the ER. Or put another way, be on the safe side and take your own. Fucking with someone's Old Lady is damn near as bad as sitting on their bike.

Rule Four: Don't fuck with people. Bikers tend to settle differences in far more physical ways than a quiet discussion over coffee in a downtown cafe.

Rule Five: Get the first four rules memorized and follow them.

OK, maybe I'm just bored, but I figured I'd put this out there one more time to see what y'all can come with for Nifty Rules and Tips for New Riders, or things to do, or not to do, when attending your first Biker event! Let's hear it! Whatcha got?