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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Could it be? A trailer? Really? Not Cowboy......Surely, not him.


Eagle-eyed Southern Comfort intelligence agents (Wikileaks has NOTHING on this crew!) overheard conversation, monitored email, and reported sightings suggesting that Cowboy....yes, that considering the purchase of a motorcycle trailer. Yes, the very same "Cowboy" known to mercilessly taunt others who trailer their bikes here and there. Yes, the very same "Cowboy" who arrives soaking wet, filthy dirty, with a sore ass, boasting "I rode mine!" to biker rallies, while walking even more bow-legged for the next 2-3 days.

Cowboy's Hummer was observed on Saturday (see photo above) sporting a shiny new chrome trailer hitch ball which appears unused. Agents believe, however, that a strong connection exists between this shiny chrome ball and the trailer photograph below, extracted from a recent secret email, along with other pornographic pictures.

Another rumour persists (very hard to believe, even for us) that Cowboy may sacrifice his traditional Christmas get-away to Florida, electing instead to spend the money on a trailer. Those in-the-know simply can't imagine him giving up the opportunity to paddle a kayak in alligator-infested waters in exchange for a fucking trailer, but let's not tell him that just yet. (Of course, he may actually be blowing his cash in the strip joints on Orlando's Orange Blossom Trail each winter, but that's another story for another time.)

Others we've spoken to hint about late-night, whispered conversations concerning the relative merits of folding vs enclosed trailers, fuel-mileage-while-towing comparisons, and subtleties such as staggered loading, wheel chocks, and tongue weight. The last time Cowboy discussed tongue weight and ramp loading, it was in the context of the last porn film he watched.

Stay tuned as Southern Comfort keeps an eye on this developing story. The editorial staff at this blog wonder if Cowboy is really strong enough to face the East Coast Sturgis folks wearing this shirt: