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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Labor Day Weekend, 2010, Saturday

I had no damn plans a week ago, and now the weekend is now jam-packed with stuff to do, places to go, people to see, etc.....having to make some tough choices, here and believe me, I'm not complaining! It's all good.

Today, Linda and Charlie, along with John and Cathy, met me here in Alexandria, and after a few "starter" beverages, we hit the road, running west on Route 50 through Aldie and into Middleburg to meet Angel at the Red Horse Tavern, which is a pretty cool biker hangout, improbably located in a high-end Virginia horse-country town. But bikers have money too, right?

All of us were just at East Coast Sturgis, so it was good to have a reunion so soon. We could compare notes! "Did you see those people?" LOL.

Angel is the newest of our crew, and she is soooo cool . We just had to adopt her.

Unfortunately, husband Jim was out of town, but Angel invited us over anyway to see one heck of a collection of cool bikes she and Jim have put together. So off we went to Purcellville!

Angel and Jim live in a great house, tucked in next to a dairy farm, with a basement full of everywhere....and a tractor! Angel gave us a bike-by-bike tour, telling the story of each one, including obscure details that made them even more interesting. It's cool to see interesting old bikes and hear all about them from a rider's perspective.

But hey, it wasn't all about bikes....Angel suggested we get some target practice in and she broke out the guns! The kitchen was quickly converted to a firing range and the games began. No squirrel was safe! (Ok, so the target was actually a metal squirrel, but you get the idea, right?)

So after target practice, I started drooling all over the Panster again......

...., and then allowed to pick my new ride....but only if it was a tractor! The face-saving moment came when the lady of the house agreed to a photo op!

After another tour of the bikes (I could have looked for hours), we decided to roll out, but not before failing miserably to convince Angel to join us for Sunday's ride into the Baltimore area. Down the road we went.

Thanks to Angel for being an Angel and making the day special. We had a great time. How often do you run into someone so cute who also is a heck of a rider and also knows so much about cool bikes.


PS Stay tuned for pix of Bamboo Bernie's Biker Bash, Labor Day, 2010.