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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Commercial Break

OK, folks, I'm going a little off course with the blog, but I wanted to share some information about a place I found out about last week. While visiting friends, I met Frank and Juliana, who were really cool people.

So here's Frank,

...and here's Juliana

...and this is their back yard. really.

..and on another day.

So how's that!?! Doesn't look anything like that in Alexandria, that's for sure. Frank and Juliana are the owners of Devils Tower Lodge in Wyoming.

So what the hell has that got to do with Southern Comfort? Fair question. They noticed I was riding, and of course I got to talking about my summer adventures, so they asked if I'd been to Sturgis, SD for the annual event. I told them John and I (and a gang of others) wanted to ride out west in 2012, if not in 2011, so the wheels started turning. They let me know I'd be able to stay at their place and ride over! Said that they always fill up with bikers who attend Sturgis, which is a little more than an hour's ride east.

And Frank, who's also a climbing instructor, said he take me to the top of Devil's Tower. Now those who know me well also know that Frank hasn't got a snowball's chance in Hell of getting me to climb a ladder, much less that big-ass rock, but I sure would like to visit the area and stay at the lodge. I also figured I'd share the link with friends, so here 'tis. If you call, tell them Cowboy sent ya. They'll know who I am.