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Monday, June 7, 2010

Safety First

So I'm riding around a little yesterday and it suddenly occurred to me that I'd had my bike for almost exactly 2 years. And THEN it occurred to me that the factory warranty had just run out. And THEN it occurred to me that the Virginia State Safety Inspection might be due. A stop and a peek at the state sticker revealed the awful truth. I was due!! Yikes.

So after a couple "Oh Shits" plus a "Dammit" or two, I remembered having a 5 year extended warranty...a good thing. Also got an extra tire and wheel warranty, so that worry didn't last long. And you know what?: Maybe a safety inspection before hitting the road ain't such a bad thing either. I'll get that out of the way this weekend, and I'll carefully read that extended warranty paperwork.


P.S. I bought a damn cup holder yesterday. Can you believe that? A fucking cup holder for my motorcycle. I should have my ass kicked for fucking up a cool bike with all this extra crap (but I'll bet I appreciate all of it on the long ride, so let me slide, please! I promise to strip it back down when I get home.)

P.P.S. The inspection station guy said the bike needed back brake pads, and he was definitely correct. Glad the inspection happened to be due or I might have had some issues during the trip. So, I did the work myself today....Sat, 6/12, and I think the bike is ready to go. I'll get all the crap bolted back on....maybe tomorrow.