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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Time flies....Wow.....

Last ride for Big Blue...on the way to trade him in....

Since my accident in late-September, there have been so many things going on, it's been really hard to keep track of it all, and harder still to find a little least enough to I could update Southern Comfort. Mind ya, there's sure been more good than bad, so I'll take it!


Well, the month was basically one long series of doctor's visits, mixed in with insurance activity and replacing the Hummer. All of that was one royal pain in the ass. On the tail-end of the month, about all that was left on my plate were the ongoing doctor's visits. By then, a 4Runner had taken up residence in the parking spot outside, and the insurance and legal stuff was turned over to my attorney. Good riddance.


During my month+ of couch and recovery time, while I was getting my brain unscrambled from the accident, I mulled over the idea of getting a new bike. Why? Well, I received a mailer from Harley showing off the new 110th Anniversary line of bikes, and they just happened to include a note that said I was pre-qualified to go pick one up. This was nothing short of marketing genius, and they had me from page 1!

I didn't need a new bike, mind ya. I'd just bought a 99 Road King earlier in the year, and there wasn't a single thing wrong with it. New tires, almost new Vance and Hines pipes, etc. etc. It ran perfectly and I had the chassis stiffened up to handle well too, riding like a dream to and from Sturgis. Plus it had a TON of interchangeable and detachable accessories.

But on the other side of things, or so I told myself, I bought that bike specifically to ride to Sturgis, and the ride was over.

One Sunday afternoon, I drove over to Patriot HD, with the idea that I should at least look at the 110th Anniversary bikes, just to sniff around one, sorta up close and personal. I strolled through the showroom and in the back....the very last bike in the row.....there was a 110th Anniversary Limited. Top of the line. Loaded with every option. Beautiful paint and emblems. Sound system. Cruise. Great seat, including a comfy passenger seat. Tour Pack. Etc. etc. etc.

Keith and Scott helped me sort out the makings of a deal, and I put a price on the head of Big Blue.  Next thing I knew, the Limited was mine.

2013 HD 110th Anniversary Limited

Home with the boys


Yep, it's the holidays. Anyone following Southern Comfort for any length of time knows I disappear on Christmas, heading to Daytona Beach or Texas or New Orleans or wherever. But not this year. Nope, a combination of accident issues and family obligations kept me right here at home

I'm plotting new adventures that will appear here in Southern Comfort, and Daytona Bike Week is #1 on my list. Stay tuned for that. The new 2013 Limited still only has around 350 miles on it, and I'll break it in on the way to Florida!

Happy Holidays!

PS Sometime this month, the Southern Comfort blog will get its 46,000 visit. Again, it's flattering to have people worldwide following the blog. All the best to each of you!