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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Uno Mas

One more day. I brought Big Blue over to the condo last night so I can finish the loading this evening. I'll ride it to work and leave from the office about noon tomorrow (Friday). I'm not even sleeping well at night due to my level of excitement. It's been a long, long time since I was this excited about a coming event! Or anything else for that matter!

I talked to John last night, and he's with Bev at a truck stop somewhere near Des Moines, IA, and they are heading to Sioux Falls today. He's making great time pulling that big trailer. He'll get to Sturgis long before I will.

Linda and Charlie are now in Milwaukee, doing tourist-y stuff, and today are visiting the Harley museum  before heading out to Sioux Falls to hook up with John and Bev.

Linda and Charlie are celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary, and a big congratulatory shout-out to them! What a great couple! and what great friends!

I just listened to the weather report for today and it's probably good that I'm not leaving today. Rough weather up in the Pennsylvania area. Wind and hail. That will make it easier to wait another day. Well, sorta easy. I'm just itching to get on the road.