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Friday, February 17, 2012

Timonium (Maryland) Motorcycle Show 2012

Like most anything, the Timonium Motorcycle Show is what you make of it. It's the first decent mid-Atlantic event of the year, and people and vendors come from miles around to make this one. I saw vendors from as far away as New York, Florida, and Ohio. Bike dealers show up too, and bring more bikes there than to the DC show held in January. Lots of goodies to look over.

And speaking of looking over the goodies, the fine people from Strip Club Choppers were there in case the bikes didn't quite do it for you.....

Like new...BETTER than new...1966 XLCH
(Every time I look at this picture, and right after lust kicks in, I also remember what it was like to get one of these things started. Anyone that had one of 'em had to begin getting their bike running a half hour before a run was supposed to start, just so they'd be ready to go with us. And a lot of guys [me for one] got hurt knees and ankles when they got kicked back!)

The Timonium show gets mixed reviews. Most people hate it because of parking, a sometimes-long wait in traffic just to get to the venue, and the crowds inside. Go there at the wrong time and you'll spend an hour in traffic, park a 1/4 mile away, and won't see half the stuff because people are packed in like sardines.

I don't like it for all those same reasons, but it's the first show in the area where a lot of vendors show up, and they typically sell something besides fucking sunglasses and helmet stickers. I really don't understand how those sunglass vendors make any money. Even at little events, there's always a hundred of 'em. How many pairs of sunglasses can they possibly sell? But I digress....


So I just got up early, drove the 70 miles north, and missed all the traffic. I parked near the door, and was inside right after opening at 10AM. I got to see everything, twice, plus I had access to vendors to ask questions. I was done in time to sit down, eat lunch, and watch the babes cruise by.

Hooray! The vendors were selling the kind of stuff bikers (this one, anyway) need. Pitbull Lifts (Tennessee) was there again, and another outift with a lot of great parts for trailers, towing, tie-downs, etc. There was yet another with a great selection of loading ramps, and one more selling some nice trailers. Great prices on leather jackets and chaps at the Hot Leathers booth, too, but I resisted for a change.

Barely. If that little gal would have smiled one more time, and gave me one more peek down her shirt, I'd have another leather jacket in my closet.

The great thing for me this year was that I really didn't need anything. Last year I was buying a bike lift (got a Pitbull) and a few others things for my shop. I was hoping to see a couple full size a Handy Lift with a ramp, worktable, etc......but that's one thing that was missing. Good thing, or I mighta spent some bucks. With the Porsche gone, I now have room for a little more equipment in the garage.

And after lunch, I carefully and slowly checked out the Strip Club Choppers area, just to make sure things weren't getting out of hand. I made a couple passes....didn't want to miss anything! And yeah, took another look at bikes....After all, it WAS a bike show.

Sweet 72 Shovel, Complete with oil leak.....I loved this bike, and even more since it leaked oil. Authenticity!

And more....

Bike Builder Ron Finch, was there along with Michelle Smith (hot!, but for the life of me, I can't remember what she was famous for....), plus and Emilio Rivera from Sons of Anarchy!

Michelle Smith....Not hard to look at, is she?

There's a bonus to the Timonium show, which I actually missed in the past. Up on the hill, in an entirely separate building, there's a Swap Meet going on, and even more bikes are on display. I saw a ton of cool bobbers in there, plus some nifty parts for and vintage. There were far less people in that building, and no need to muscle your way through.

I was there by 10:15, and headed back out the door by 2PM, and completely enjoyed it. I got some great ideas for bobbers, ordered an awesome custom leather belt from Tom Accordino at, and left there with my wallet only a little emptier!

The belt!

Good time, if you time it right, and what the Hell else are you going to do on a cold February day between football season and NASCAR? Check it out sometime.