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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Go (to) Dallas!

OK, time to get back to trips and sightings....dust is collecting on Southern Comfort, isn't it? Sorry, y'all, for the lack of updates, but I don't want the Southern Comfort blog to become a Facebook-style diary, with daily entries announcing exciting things, like that I just ate a bagel while stuck in traffic.

So what's new? Hell, I just went to Texas, THAT's what's new! I fired up the Harley and.....OK, I really didn't. I flew down. Only had four days to get down and back, so a ride was out of the question, though I sure need to do that one of these days. I'll put that on the Bucket List.
Texas was a trip during which I tried to mix fun with family business. I'll say this about the family business stuff: it's one big fucking pain in the ass, but it's what folks do, right? You take care of stuff for family (and some friends too!) who can't help themselves. I love my Aunt Annie, who's 98!, who needed some help, and off I went.


You can't do business 24/7, can you, so I zoomed down the Fort Worth Stockyards on Saturday night to see how real working cowboys played. I needed to make sure I hadn't lost touch with my roots.

I also treated myself to a ticket to see the Dallas Cowboys play in that squeaky-new Cowboys stadium. Now I'm here to tell ya, that is one incredible place. It's like a spaceship inside, holds 90,000+ people, and the damn thing is totally air conditioned. I also hear that with the roof and both ends open, it's a lot like an outdoor stadium. And someone told me it costs a cool $1million a day to operate that place, so they hold all sorts of events there besides football. If they start Cheerleader Wrestling, I'm getting a season ticket.

And the crowd outside was, to say the least, equally interesting. Here's a few shots from outside, in the parking lots. Tailgating and partying took on a whole new meaning........

And yeah, I got around the area a little. Fantastic place to spend money. Parking cost anywhere from 30 to 150 bucks...Beers were 8.50, and even the Cokes I was drinking were $6.00. All in all, it was great fun, even though the Cowboys lost to Tennessee.

So enjoy the pix. There's more if I ever get around to uploading them.