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Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 2, Nashville, Tennessee

Sitting down in the room and thinking back on the day. Awesome weather for riding, and was able to run the last half in a t-shirt. Leathers this morning, though. A little chilly coming out of Virginia.

Went by Bristol to see the track, but didn't see much but the parking lot. Then started some off-interstate riding, which is more scenic, but a lot of stop and go. Have now decided to mix it up instead of all back roads.

Got 420 miles in today, total. More than I planned, but Knoxville didn't seem far enough so I ran for Nashville. Hit a wall of traffic just outside the city and fucking near roasted.

Was very taken with Nashville, traffic or not. Downtown is totally cool. They really have it arranged perfectly. Right next to the Harley store, there's a Hooters. Perfect.

Ok, time for some aspirin and some rest. Hope I can sleep. So much to see and do!!!


The hotel manager let me drive my bike right through the breezeway and up to the room in the center courtyard so it would be safe. Other guests didn't seem to appreciate his concern. Like WTF is that f'n noise!!!??? The hotel was a dive...who cares what they thought......