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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

And then.......

Going to be hard to top the recent events in this blog. No, I don't mean the blog posts, although I am certainly flattered by all the terrific complements about the writing and narrative. Thanks to everyone for all the nice notes about it. I'll mention my belated success to my creative writing teacher at University of Baltimore.

What I mean is that I can't imagine another event remaining in the Northern Virginia riding season that is on the same level as East Coast Sturgis, and I damn sure ain't up to another 3,000 mile ride anytime soon. But believe me, if I had the money and the time off from work, I'd sure as hell try it.

So without another ride or event, I don't know if I'll keep up the blog or let it collect some dust. I think I'll update it now and then, just to see how it goes. No one wants to hear what I think about stuff, and I refuse to discuss religion or politics (on here, anyway), so that leaves just women to talk about, and I damn sure ain't going there. My future ex-wife may be one of my readers! Hey, maybe I could write some posts about relationship advice, or about online dating! LOL

I will mention that the Delmarva Bike Rally down in Ocean City, Maryland, was on and off my schedule for months. I kinda wanted to make that one, if for no other reason, it was the last of the year. But the hangup....actually there were two....was mainly the heavy-handed attitude of the Maryland State Police and the Ocean City Police.

The city hosts the event, and then the police do everything in their power to make your ride in, during, and back out, as miserable as possible. WTF? The cops seem to want to ensure no one gets home without a ticket. Last year, there was...without any exaggeration....a cop every quarter mile on RT 50 just waiting, and they had folks pulled over everywhere. As my friend Bev says, when Ocean City starts becoming biker-friendly again, she'll consider going back. John and Cathy say the same thing, and I can't disagree.

There's also the not-so-small fact that the regular tourists are mixed in with the bikers, meaning you run a slalom course around mini-vans driven by distracted folks from God-knows-where, and they damn sure ain't watching out for motorcycles. They're watching the kids, the GPS, plus that little cutie on the corner in the bikini (OK, me too...).

And last year, our hotel was split about 50-50 between bikers and some senior senior-citizens..."walker-class". They stationed themselves in the lobby and just watched, pointing and laughing right along with us. That was actually fun, and I think they had a ball. We got along great.

And I also have some family stuff going on down in Texas that requires a little attention, and that's the other reason I ain't going. Might need the time or money (or both) for that.

Hey, when I was in Texas last weekend, I couldn't help but notice there's no helmet law, and there were more than a few bobbers on the road, telling me that the laws to get tags for a scoot aren't so strict. A+ for Texas!

Still, I'll miss those Cancun Cantina girls in OC! Damn, damn, damn....... Who knows, maybe I can run down for the day......Riding V E R Y slowly. Yeah, right.